AW Johnson & Associates

AW Johnson & Associates celebrates 30 years of service to the industry.

In today’s competitive marketplace, many companies are finding it cost effective to bring in consultants to fill short term needs. Our engineering staff brings fresh ideas, problem solving skills, knowledge and understanding to bridge the gap between codes, specifications, customers and production. We strive to provide a positive environment for increased productivity and quality.

AW Johnson & Associates serves the metal fabrication and medical industries with engineering, training, and certification of personnel. We have many years of experience designing welding programs that meet specific industry codes and specifications. We have training and qualification programs to meet these specific requirements. Our philosophy is to train the production staff on all quality requirements, so "Quality is built in, and not inspected in". We have many programs for engineering, welding, and quality groups.

Our medical gas installers training and certification program is located in a new facility that will handle up to 18 students comfortably. This program addresses NFPA99-20015 CODE Categories 1, 2, and 3 along with ASSE 6010 and ASSE 6020 requirements.