We can provide the manufacturer with welding and quality programs that meets the requirements of ISO 900X, AS9100, ASE and ASNT. We have experience with PLC robotic welding applications for carbon steel, aluminum, and stainless steel materials. We can assist you with supplier audits in the welding and quality fields. If a supplier fails to comply with the drawing, specifications, codes, or purchase order, we can assist them with a program to comply with all requirements.




  • Management review – We can provide an assessment of the production facility to satisfy your proposed build.
  • Design review – We keep in mind the tools available to production when reviewing a design. When brought on-board before the design is complete, we can assist the engineer with expedient manufacturing scenarios.
  • Fixture Design – We know robotics and how a properly designed fixture can make the through-put quota for parts and assemblies.
  • Problem Solving – Need help in breaking down subassemblies, we can provide solutions with innovative manufacturing techniques.
  • Training – We provide the engineering group with the following topics;
    • Welding symbols
    • Design for welding
    • Weld joint design
    • Welding metallurgy




  • Complete welding programs – When robotics is necessary, we provide help with equipment purchase, set-up, and qualification of the welds to be made.
  • Training – We can provide your welder with the following aids;
    • Welding equipment fundamentals
    • Hands-on weld training for most processes and metals
    • Weld sequence planning
    • Workmanship requirements
    • Basic welding metallurgy
  • Equipment justification – We will provide assistance with the selection of welding processes equipment to suit your production and quality needs.
  • Shrinkage and distortion control – Large structures requires special attention to maintain the engineers’ required tolerance. We can review the fabrication and provide a detailed weld sequence plan.
  • Problem solving – When you run out of ideas, we’re here to provide many alternate methods to solve the problem.




  • Inspection models – We can provide inspection acceptance models to meet your code requirements that will bring everyone into the quality level needed for the project.
  • Quality manuals – Need to have your quality manual reflect the way you do business and meet the applicable codes, specifications and customer requirements? We provide a complete assessment of your operation when developing your quality manual.
  • NDT procedures – We provide visual (VT), liquid penetrant (PT), magnetic particle (MT) and ultrasonic (UT) procedures meeting the requirements of ASTM and MIL standards.
  • Quality audits – We can provide detailed assessments of your program or your vendor’s quality program.
  • Training – Classes are available for Level II and III certifications to ASNT SNT-TC-1A for VT, PT, MT and UT.




  • Commercial – We can provide representation of your company, products, quality plan, fabrication details, repair procedures, etc. to the buyer or owner.