Alan W. Johnson

Formal Education

BS degree in Mechanical Engineering, Arizona State University
AS degree in Applied Science, Arizona Western College
MBA Studies, University of North Florida & University of New Orleans


Related Continuing Education

Liquid Penetrant Testing, Level II Competency
Magnetic Particle Testing, Level II Competency
Radiographic Testing, Level II Competency
Ultrasonic Testing, Level II Competency
Eddy Current Testing, Level II Competency
In Service Inspection Overview (ASME B&PVC)
Auditor Training
Refresher for ASQC Quality Engineer Certification Examination
SPC & MIL-Q-9858A Training Program
DOT Quality and Reliability Handbook-H56
Materials and Processes for NDT Technology, ASNT
Welding Inspection Technology
Company Tested Level III for UT, RT, PT, MT, VT


Technical Committee Involvement

  • ANSI/AWS B2.1 - Specification for Welding Procedure and Performance Qualification
  • ANSI/AWS B2.2 - Standard for Brazing Procedure and Performance Qualification, current Chairman.
  • ANSI/AWS D3.0 - Committee on Welding in Marine Construction
  • ANSI/AWS D3.5 - Subcommittee on Steel Hull Welding
  • ANSI/AWS D3.6 - Subcommittee on Underwater Welding
  • ANSI/AWS D3.7 - Subcommittee on Aluminum Hull Welding, past Chairman
  • Welding Research Council - Aluminum Alloys Committee
  • Welding Research Council - Welding Procedures Committee
  • Society of Naval Architects and Marine Engineers - Ship Production Council, SP-7 Welding Panel


Positions of Responsibility

  • Welding Engineer
  • Manager of Welding Engineering
  • Manager of Quality Assurance
  • NDT Level III
  • Authorized NAVSEA Representative