Medical Gas Training Courses

AW Johnson & Associates

Alan Johnson has been training and qualifying pipeline installers in the medical gas technology industry since 1990. After a meeting with OSHPD management in Sacramento, he wrote a specification for the qualification of brazers that included 4 hours of classroom discussion on the SAFETY aspect of a medical gas pipeline installation and the brazing test.  As of January 2011 we teamed with NITC with the advent of the 32 hour training requirement.

We are continuing our training program with a 32 hour course that meets the requirements of NFPA 99-2015 and ASSE 6010.  The written test and brazing test will be proctored and your Installer card (certification) and Brazing qualification will be issued and maintained by NITC.   We can perform the necessary training at your facility if you can assure 15 students will attend the class.

Note: If you have attended and passed the 32 hour course previously and would also like to be certified by NITC, you may fill out the application provided here.  You will be required to attend the last full day of the 4 day class, take a written 100 question multiple choice test, and perform the vertical and horizontal brazing test.  You must bring the supplies and equipment listed below.  The cost is $250.00.

We also have a training program for ASSE 6020 - "Medical Gas Systems Inspectors" If you are currently an IOR you have been asked to take this training and certification program by OSHPD.  We have it and we are ready to start the classes.  Please call Diane for the next training date.  We will need 10 students minimum for this class.  If we do not fill this class, we have putting the inspectors in the 6010 class.  All of the training experience is the same anyway, but you need not take the brazing tests.  The course requires 24 hours for completion and you will receive NITC credentials.

The class instructor is Alan Johnson, NITC ASSE 6050 Certification #12364693.

These courses are available for training and qualification of Medical Gas Installers and Inspection Personnel in all states.  Your state may have other requirements, such as a Master Plumbers license.

Below is a list of the courses we currently offer:







Course: NFPA 99-2005 and ASSE 6010 Medical Gas Systems INSTALLER Training and Qualification

California has changed the NFPA 99 code date to 2012 for all new projects.  AW Johnson & Associates has training classes for the medical gas system INSTALLER which meets and exceeds the requirements of NFPA 99 and ASSE 6010.  What this means to you is that when you bid on the job for medical gas system installation, new personnel (installers/brazers) will need a 32 hour training and qualification course.  Note here that NITC is now requiring all training and testing to be on the NFPA99-2015 code year.

As of July 1, 2017, NITC will test on the NFPA99-2015 code exclusively.

See the side bar for the next training dates, costs, sign-up and materials to bring for any of these classes.

Some states have grandfathered your NFPA 99-1996 and 1999 edition qualifications and certifications with out requiring the 32 hour ASSE certifications.  You MUST have kept your brazing qualification up to date every 6 months.   Check with your state's health department for your current requirements for installing Medical Gas Systems.


ASSE 6000 Series

from 6010-2012 edition

10-3.3 Recertification (of your current NITC certification)
10-3.3.1 Medical Gas Systems Installers shall be recertified through a minimum 4-hour training course to subsequent editions of NFPA 99.


Course: ASSE 6020 - Medical Gas Systems Inspectors

The Medical Gas Inspector is required to have a general knowledge of the applicable laws, codes, rules, listing agencies and regulations from the federal, state and local levels pertaining to medical gas and vacuum systems as well as knowledge of product performance, system and system component testing, documentation and recording.




Course: NFPA 99 Code Years 1993, 1996 and 1999

We provide a minimum of 4 hours of classroom training on NFPA 99C.  Tips, suggestions and compliance requirements for installation are in the handouts.  This is followed by actual brazing of 2 coupons by the students and testing by a specially designed portable tensile machine.



Course: Brazing of Water Systems and ASME B31.9, Building Services Piping

It is becoming more common for the A/E to require the water systems to be brazed and for the procedures and installers to be qualified.  We have available the Brazing Qualification Record (BPQR) and Brazing Procedure Specification (BPS) for purchase when the installer comes for his or her qualification.  AWS B2.2 or ASME Section IX is used for the procedure and performance qualifications.



Course: Soldering of Water Systems and ASME B31.9, Building Services Piping

Again the A/E has required the procedures and personnel where the water system installed in a Level I facility (e.g. a hospital) to be qualified.  The new code, B2.3 from the American Welding Society (AWS) was used to qualify the procedures and for the solder’s qualification.  Each company will need to purchase these documents, the Soldering Procedure Qualification Record (SPQR) and the Soldering Procedure Specification (SPS).